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What Our Students Say

  • “I came upon this school while searching for a quick way to earn my CNA certificate. It was a quick way to earn my CNA certificate. It was an easy process to get signed up, and Jessie and the instructors were very friendly, and helpful! I highly recommend Clark County Training Center!”
  • “My time at Clark County Training Center was amazing the instructors were very helpful throughout the entire program as well as the directors. The classes were enjoyable and I learned a lot I would recommend this center.”
  • “I'm very glad I chose to pursue my CNA training at the Clark County Training Center. The class was intense, the teachers were great, and when we missed some classroom time due to a snowstorm, we were given additional opportunities to go practice in the classroom. I was nervous about both the skills test and the state certification test, but I passed them both with flying colors, thanks to the excellent teaching. To those considering this class, I'd say go for it and give it all you've got, and your reward, the CNA certification, is only a few short weeks away.”
  • “The training and experience I gained was extremely valuable and useful. The knowledge portion was fast paced but the teachers made it easily absorbable and have been helpful to each student even after the training concluded.”
  • “ I’m so happy that I chose Clark County Training Center to further my career. The teachers there are incredible, they make everything easy to understand and really take their time to make sure you get it. I had a wonderful experience.“
  • “ Hi ! I Feel so thankful to have had the ability to take the classes with such as a excellent knowledge, communication skill , patience, compassionate, instructor Melinda — never had Instructor like her. God has had the right person and the right spot. I want to say say thank you for all you taught me 🙏🙏 God bless"